water balloon be (slow)

water balloon be (slow)

a girl gets covered in a liquid that gives her huge boobs.

you know, i’m generally pretty modest, but even i’m impressed with these morphs!  show me some love.  post thanks, or better yet, links to videos that would make good morphs.  and tell others about this blog!


4 Responses to “water balloon be (slow)”

  1. WickedLazy Says:

    Dude, I don’t know how you made this, but it’s fantastic.

  2. Mr. Small Says:

    Wow! This one is simply incredible!

  3. Inflate123 Says:

    This one is definitely one to be proud of. I Twittered and linked to you from my blog — I’m tryin’! :)

  4. merritstone Says:

    Holy WOW! This is an amazing idea with perfect execution!

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